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April 11, 2015

Turqoise & Blue // What I've Been Up Too

Hello Ladies,

Sorry I have not posted for such a long time....but finally I edited these picures from last week and sharing them here on Feminine Modesty. Last week we went to visit some friends that live in the country and we took a long walk in the beautiful German spring weather. The sun ist still a bit chilly so my trench coat is perfect.

I am in love with my blue trench coat. I normally don't spend money on clothes but when I saw just a few left over at an Aldi sale I had to check if they hstill had my size... they did. Since then I've been wearing it every day. It's just so classy! :)

The skirt is new to me and I totally love the fit. Flowy but not to big...pretty but comfortable. The scarf I got for 2€....☺ I like wearing turquoise and blue together.

If you are wondering about the paint on my fingers....go to "The Blue Birdhouse" and follow me there...quite a few projects I'll be writing about soon! You won't want to miss it.


  1. Lovely colors, so vibrant!
    This is is dumb, since I've followed your blog for quite some time, but do you not live in the US? Just curious since you didn't use the $.
    A modest fashion blog:

    1. I live in Germany. So that is why I am using the € sign. ☺

  2. Ooh, that is a superb jacket!

  3. I just love your skirt - turquoise is one of my favourite colours as well and the flowy style is just right!

    A good coat is essential for this time of year in the UK as well - we are still getting slight frosts in the morning but at least it is getting warmer later in the day.

  4. I love theses colors together. Right now I'm really liking navy blue with either turquoise or mint. Your skirt is so pretty and goes perfectly with your 2€ scarf! I love finding deals like that!

  5. I love how classy your style is! I just nominated you for the Liebster Award for new/growing blogs. Please feel free to check it out and pass it on :)


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