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April 18, 2015

Striped Woods

Last week I took a trip to the woods with my first grade. It was our first field trip and they all did very good. I am very proud of them and cannot wait to do a field trip again.

Saying all of this to tell you why I chose this outfit. It's a casual outfit for me....don't wear it often but was perfect for my trip. Did a bit of pattern mixing with my scarf and Tee. Wore my navy jacket in the morning until it started getting pretty hot. We've been having pretty warm weather the last few days....cooling down again though.

Love my new mirror in the entry way......

Would you wear this outfit for a hike in the woods?


  1. This outfit certainly looks comfortable! I'm not sure I could wear it for a walk in the woods. I'm always worried about all the bugs and feel better wearing pants for that! I am totally loving that scarf again and I might have to see if I can find one similar before the weather gets too warm :) The bare feet look like you're ready for summer!

    Also, you may like this app if you want to take some full outfit pics without needing to hold your ipad:!/id435275949?mt=8
    It's a camera timer that let's you control the count down, time between photos, and number of photos it takes in a row. Definitely one of the most useful apps I have!

  2. Love the jean skirt is perfect. You get a 10!

  3. I don't have many real casual outfits either - I only have one pair of casual trousers and a few well worn old shirts for gardening etc etc.

    I like your outfit though - the scarf adds that touch of class - but you should seriously consider getting a pair of trousers (pants) if you are planning more field trips. You will be surprised how comfortable they are.


    1. I do have a few trousers I'll wear working around my home. Don't really feel comfortable wearing them out and about. And I have to wear skirts at my no trousers for field trips.


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