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November 26, 2013

Mint School Outfit.

This outfit is definitely inspired. I normally would have not come up with something like this. But it was fun, something different, looked nice & makes on look smart. 
What do you think? 

Do you like that collared-shirt-under-a-sweater look?

November 21, 2013

Tunic Over a Skirt

This outfit is from a few weeks ago. The vines now only have a few more yellow leaves hanging on their branches....definitely not lush green. The reason I am showing this so late is that I had sent in 2 outfits to Fresh Modesty giving her choice on which one she though best to feature. She chose my Pastel in the Fall outfit so finally I can share this. (the other outfit has not been featured yet) 

This tunic is so comfortable & pretty but nowadays you would wear this with a pair of (skinny) jeans in order to balance the big fabric from the tunic.You can still do that and wear a skirt... just wear a pencil skirt! Even A-line can make you look frumpy so make sure you are wearing a fitting pencil skirt when you wear a large top.

And what do you think? Would you wear it?

November 18, 2013

One Skirt Two Ways // Peach Stripes

The skirt you see today is a warm wool skirt I got at the exchange store. I wasn't sure at first if I should take it but I loved the fun colors for winter! While I was there I also grabbed a to big sweater with a fun coral color. When I got home I noticed just how perfect they went together. 

Saturday I refashioned the sweater to fit me better and wore the (second) outfit bellow to our Thanksgiving Evangelistic meeting at church. Sunday I really didn't want to totally wear something new but I also did not want to wear the exact same I came up with the first outfit bellow. 

Tell me....what do you think?
blue sweater with peach and skirt
1 skirt 2 ways
Feminine Modesty

brown with peach
plaid wool skirt with heels
Modest Assessorizes
brown mudd heels

Which outfit do you like better?

November 12, 2013

Purple Berry

Awesome Feminine Modest Outfits
Awesome Feminine Modest Outfits
Awesome Feminine Modest Outfits
Awesome Feminine Modest Outfits

This cute purple sweater was a hand-me-down I got last this year spring. I wasn't sure if I really liked it but I am glad I kept it. It is super is that stretchy brown skirt. 

I love adding belts to my outfits now. In this case it brought the brown color to the top and gave me a waist in a normally bulky sweater.

Do you own short sleeved sweaters? How do you wear them?

November 07, 2013

My Modesty Guidelines

modesty guidelines
When choosing new clothes I always try them on... not only to see if it looks good on me but also if they are modest. Here are my guidelines I subconsciously follow.
These will also be the guidelines that need to be followed for outfit submissions.


The goal is not to show any cleavage. My guideline is 3 to 4 fingers under my collar bone. Depending on your bust size you can do more or less.

 I normally don't do sleevless but if the sleeves are not wide (where you could see your bra) it is OK to wear.

The goal is to never show any midriff no matter what you are doing.

Also a good rule of thumb is:
A dress should be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to prove you're a lady.
-Edith Head


I personally wear skirts only. It's possible! ☺

Bellow the knee. Thigh cannot show even when sitting (Exodus 28:42)

Pick your skirt fitting the occasion. If you will be able to be prim and proper go ahead and wear something that looks pretty but needs to be chacked. If you'll be goofing around and doing a  lot of moving wear something pretty that will keep you modest.


Use them to compliment your outfit.
Give a simple outfit some pop.
Add jewlery to make you feel lady like.
Have a handbag that matches perfectly? Use it!

Don't be afraid to be fashionable.

Make up:

Accent your natural beauty.
Have fun.
Match your outfit.
Like nail polish? Wear it.

What would you add? What guide is new to you?

November 05, 2013

Green Pinstriped with Peach

My family always is at church about at hour earlier. That way we can do last minute preparations. My mom walked to church with the dog and my grandma and I got a ride because there was a lot to carry. The problem was...when we got there...we stood in front of locked doors because my mom had the key (why does the last one always have the key?) 

So while my grandma and I were freezing and waiting...I took the opportunity to get some outfit pictures. Please excuse my crazy was really windy.

I LOVE LOVE this combo!!! Green pin-striped with peach. This outfit was a bit bolder that I usually wear but I really like it! I've mentioned before that I am super matchy....but this? How do like the green pinstriped dress with the peach top? 

I LOVE LOVE this combo!!! Green pin-striped with peach.
sleeveless with shirt underneath
peach with green
hair twist for short hair
modest assessorize

Funny: I was standing around waiting for us to start eating when I friend looked over at me and asked "Did you cuddle a salmon?" At first I was like "Huh??"....and then I saw the color I was wearing.....☺

How do you like the colors together? Would you wear it?

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