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February 27, 2015

February's Florals

I wore this outfit on Sunday....and is totally something I can see myself wearing again. I was VERY comfortable and I made this summer outfit super warm. Layers ladies....layers! ☺ The dress was my spring board for the outfit. I love wearing it with the yellow sleeveless shirt which I cannot wear by itself. In the summer I wear a white Tee and on this cold Sunday morning I wore a warm longsleeved shirt. This sweater that was gifted to me may not be the exact blue but still matches perfectly somehow. My blue necklace made it look just a bit fancier. And my boots.... wear those way to much!

Loving my pierced ears....or the fact that I can change my earrings now to match my outfits. ☺ I need more colored earings so I can be matchy matchy. 

And ladies....come visit The Blue Birdhouse to see what I've been up too.

February 23, 2015

Bright Pink Flag

Wanted to wear a skirt I don't wear often.....and out I pulled this bright pink skirt. I paired it with my navy stripes sweater and pinned my bright pink flower to add the pop.

By the way ignore my closed eyes....I really have trouble blinking during pictures when I blink during a selfie! :D

February 21, 2015

Titanic Museum

On Tuesday Patrick and I went to a Historic Museum in a close by City. There they had a special showing of all things Titanic. It was VERY informative and interesting....

And since we got this awesome picture on the end I thought I would share it here on Feminine Modesty.... showing  my classy & comfortable outfit.

What would you wear on a trip to the museum?

PS: Can you believe I have never seen any Titanic movie? 

February 14, 2015

Valentines Outfit

Happy Valentines Ladies! Today is an excuse to tell our loved ones we love them. And today Patrick and I have something special planned with some friends....and this is what I'm wearing for our day out and about.

Blue polka dot dress with my bright peach cardigan. The slip makes the slight short dress a little longer...and the brown boots are a fashionable way to keep warm.

Are you wearing anything special today?

February 09, 2015


I've been wanting to post this outfit since last week.... and now I am finally getting around to upload it.

I just love my pastel colors....looking bright and cheery in dull & black dressed winter world. I want to inspire you all to go through a week not wearing anything might actually cheer you up during the long cold days.

Do you wear a lot of dark colors during the winter?

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