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February 27, 2015

February's Florals

I wore this outfit on Sunday....and is totally something I can see myself wearing again. I was VERY comfortable and I made this summer outfit super warm. Layers ladies....layers! ☺ The dress was my spring board for the outfit. I love wearing it with the yellow sleeveless shirt which I cannot wear by itself. In the summer I wear a white Tee and on this cold Sunday morning I wore a warm longsleeved shirt. This sweater that was gifted to me may not be the exact blue but still matches perfectly somehow. My blue necklace made it look just a bit fancier. And my boots.... wear those way to much!

Loving my pierced ears....or the fact that I can change my earrings now to match my outfits. ☺ I need more colored earings so I can be matchy matchy. 

And ladies....come visit The Blue Birdhouse to see what I've been up too.


  1. Love the bright colors!! They make me "think spring" ;)

  2. So cute! I love the yellow and blue together. :)

  3. Another lovely outfit!

    I would not have thought of wearing a summer dress in the winter but you have shown that it is possible and the outfit is so cheery during these cold grey days

    1. I "warmify" my summer outfits all the time with tights, sweaters and slips. ☺

  4. I love this outfit!! Beautiful skirt, gets me excited for spring!! :)
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