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May 30, 2014

What I Wore // Graduation

I really didn't take pictures for the blog....but they still work! :)

I got this dress at eshakti last December. They have a 30% off sale going on AND I got $30 off from the Fresh Modesty I payed $8 for this dress!!! Whoohooo! That is a steal for sure!

I finally got the dress when my dad and step-mom came to FL and I decided to wear it for this special occasion- my graduation.

It fit wonderfully and really flatters me! Even a lady at walmart said it looked good! ☺

What is more beautiful than red and blue together.....well....I guess there are other beautiful color combos but I really love red and blue.

Do you have a color combo you keep wearing over and over again?

May 23, 2014

Modest Swimsuit & Surprise Reveal

 Last weekend we went to the Beach in FL. On Friday we went to the Atlantic (Coco Beach) for a few hours and Saturday, where these pictures were taken, we went to Clearwater at the Golf of Mexico. Don't you just love that sparkling water?

So I've been wanting a modest swimsuit that looks adorable and is made out of swimsuit material. I bought Fresh Modesty's ebook almost 2 years ago to help me with the sewing and this year I finally got to sew it! Even for an advanced sewer like me I found a lot of pointers and tips for sewing with swimsuit's very different. I also followed her style except that I wanted a sleeveless top to get a nicer tan. ☺

My swim suit looks like a normal sundress but once I'm back out of the water it will be dry in 5 minutes.....especially if there is a strong wind like at the Atlantic. ☺

Now you probably all already scanned the pictures before you started reading this but here finally to the surprise:

Patrick & I now are officially engaged. He asked me to marry him! Yes! We'll be getting married on August 16th. If you haven't read how he asked me yet you can go to my personal blog and read our story there.

PS: If you aren't much of a sewer but would love a modest swim suit.....check out Creation's by Savannah. She has sooooooo many different styles & pattern options. Everyone will be happy with her.

May 10, 2014

I packed my Bag // Part Two

So what did I pack?
I didn't even notice how much I packed till I wanted to take this picture! I am not even showing my shoes, dressy clothes, the culottes I refashion or my swimsuit I sewed from scratch! ☺ I'll be posting those as I wear them as well.

On the left you can see: a brown cardigan, a tan jacket and a red cardigan.
One the bottom are all my skirts. To mix and match you can see blue, brown, pinkish, hot pink, peach and white... the last skirt I took with me for a comfy flowy skirt. Good to have in the summer too!
 Right above the flowy skirt on the right you have 2 T-shirts that match the skirt but can ofcourse also be worm to mix and match. Then you see aaaaaall those tops....yeah....hahahaha....your mainly see blues, pinks, reds, turquoise & some peach.

Now to what I wore on my first day here. It was comfortable and cool enough for 91°F degree weather but pretty enough to do a presentation about Germany at the Christian school here in FL.

Hmmmmm.....a good outfit to do some walking in.....maybe I'll wear that today...

I'll be posting some picture of what these last few days sometime (hopefully) today on The Blue if you want to know about my adventures be sure to check there!

So do you think I packed too much? Or is that the amount you'd pack?

May 08, 2014

I Packed my Bag // Part One

Today's the day! I am leaving for my 2.5 month trip to the US!!

A Girl that loves clothes packing that possible? I keep telling myself I will be buying things over there but I just NEED it. ☺

The clothes in my suitcase will become a series over the next 2 months. In my next post I want to share all the clothes that I packed in my suitcase.

And then I'll show you my mix & match outfits.

Do you tend to overpack or underpack?

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