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May 10, 2014

I packed my Bag // Part Two

So what did I pack?
I didn't even notice how much I packed till I wanted to take this picture! I am not even showing my shoes, dressy clothes, the culottes I refashion or my swimsuit I sewed from scratch! ☺ I'll be posting those as I wear them as well.

On the left you can see: a brown cardigan, a tan jacket and a red cardigan.
One the bottom are all my skirts. To mix and match you can see blue, brown, pinkish, hot pink, peach and white... the last skirt I took with me for a comfy flowy skirt. Good to have in the summer too!
 Right above the flowy skirt on the right you have 2 T-shirts that match the skirt but can ofcourse also be worm to mix and match. Then you see aaaaaall those tops....yeah....hahahaha....your mainly see blues, pinks, reds, turquoise & some peach.

Now to what I wore on my first day here. It was comfortable and cool enough for 91°F degree weather but pretty enough to do a presentation about Germany at the Christian school here in FL.

Hmmmmm.....a good outfit to do some walking in.....maybe I'll wear that today...

I'll be posting some picture of what these last few days sometime (hopefully) today on The Blue if you want to know about my adventures be sure to check there!

So do you think I packed too much? Or is that the amount you'd pack?


  1. Looking at the photo of your clothes made me realise how boring mine would look alongside yours. You have clothes in so many bright colours but mine are mainly shades of blue, black, grey and brown. You will inspire me to do something about it!

    I am so pleased that you arrived safely - now just have a good time and enjoy yourself!



  2. Oh, depends really! I'm rather boring about clothes on trips! I tend to go for comfort over fashion in most cases.
    A modest fashion blog:

  3.'re just so pretty! I love your outfit! Don't worry, I pack a lot of things when I travel too! That flowy skirt is awesome! I have a couple skirts like that too....=D

  4. Love the first picture! You may have an eye for creating displays... :)



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