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March 19, 2015

Lime & Blue

Wore this Modern Modesty inspired outfit today. My lime skirt makes me feel very businesslike. I was gifted an unused ipad this past weekend from now you'll be able to see me entire outfits.

Still working on getting the right angles and editing on my ipad. ☺

March 03, 2015

Naturally Neutral

Totally love this classy looking outfit. Straight skirt, stripes and a tailored to jacket. Instead of black I am wearing a warm tan. I added a peach pop to make it a little happier....and so I could match my jewelry. Putting my hair up made the outfit more dressy.

Do you like stripes?

Purple Powder Puff

Wore this cheery purple and pink outfit on Monday.....makes Mondays easier to deal with. Again, wore a summer skirt and made it work for winter....well the warmer winter days at least.

The only problem with this skirt is that it is very light and full and sometimes there was a strong wind and uh..... hahahaha....trying to keep it under control was a challenge. ☺

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