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October 16, 2015

Comfortable Fall Outfit

This style of outfit is not something I normally wear. I am not a big skirt & legging fan but tried it out for fun....
It really is comfortable. Especially the fleece leggings. Do you own some? They are a must have come winter time!

Tell me: Do you like wearing skirst & leggings like this?

October 12, 2015

Warm Browns & Elbow Patches

What screams more "Cold weather" than elbow patches? I found this H&M jacket at the exchange store I like visiting and I HAD to take it. It really isn't my colors but I just loved it too much to pass it  up. Brown is a favorite of mine and a staple color in my closet (I don't wear black).

The skirt you see above is normally longer but with the brown boots I love how the white tights just make the browns pop more. I love contrast.

So from the last three outfits what is your favorite?

October 11, 2015

Blanket Scarf in Fall

Hahahaha...don't you just love my face on that third picture!? I was trying to use some props in the pictures and before I was ready my camera started shooting the 3 pictures... and I had to laugh so hard and thought I'd post it for ya'll to see.

Today I chose the popular blanket scarf. Mine isn't actually a full blanket scarf which I think makes it easier to wear....and it will definitely get a lot of wear come winter time. The hat I stole from Patrick. I normally don't wear this style of hat but I thought it looked perfect for my fall inspired outfits. Don't ya think?

October 10, 2015

Polkadot & Lace

I haven't blogged in forever! And when I saw that Bramblewood Fashion was holding a Autumn Trend Event I decided to join and "play dress-up" on Saturday and come up with a few different fall outfits. 

The one above does not have any typical fall colors but I can make my favorite colors work any time of the year. ☺ I love how the barret, scarf, lace cardigan and brown boots give this red, white and blue outfit a fun fall feel. Agree?

My fashion Tip for today is: Wear any color you want but use fall related items to be ready for the autumn weather!

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