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December 31, 2014

Daily Makeup Routine

Hello Ladies,

Today I am sharing my Daily Makeup Routine!I actually had to record it again with my phone because I had trouble with my camera version....though that one was WAY better quality and just nicer. Hope you enjoy it anyway. ☺

PS: Here is the link to "Dressing Your Truth"

December 29, 2014

Peach Flowers // Nail Art

So yesterday we were doing our nails at my friends house and one of my friends did this fun nail art for me..... I totally love how it turned out. At first I wanted to stick to red but then I remembered that I've been wearing red for the last 2 weeks and needed to change things up now. 

So my nails are all a bright peach which matches the flowers on my white ring finger. I really like the style of giving an accent to only the ring finger.

Do you?

December 28, 2014

Plaid After Christmas

It was finally nice to just wear something and not try to match Christmas colors... And yet plaid is christmassy. I wanted a comfortable outfit that I didn't mind wearing all day.

I've worn this skirt on the blog before... It is a very comfortable skirt I like to wear during the cold months here. Because it is really cold now... We are below freezing and have snow. Can I say finally? Soon enough I will be wanting warmer weather again. 

I made a video of my makeup routine that I hopefully will share sometime this week... So stay on the lookout! 

Do you have a Sunday outfit that you always go to.... Something comfortable?

December 26, 2014

Merry Nails

These are my "merry nails" I had over the last few days. The second picture is what I wore to our church's Christmas party Sunday. They were  cheap stick on nails and did not hold very long. And I did have to cut them though so I could play piano.

The last picture is what I wore for the Christmas holidays....I used some colorful ikea tape for my ring finger and painted the others matching the red.

The first picture is what I am wearing today. The tape came up so I put on some gold glitter.

Are you wearing some "merry nails" for the holidays?

December 23, 2014

Christmas Graphic Tee

The challenge actually read "Graphic Sweater" but I don't own I wore this T-shirt I got myself in Florida 4 years ago. I am not a huge fan of graphic sweaters...there are some cute ones but I don't have to own one.

Excuse the stains on the T-shirt. Today was one of those "busy around the house" kind of days.... cleaning up... washing, folding & putting away clothes... scrubbing the bathroom... making Christmas pillows... printing our Christmas breakfast lunch & dinner....and wrapping the last gifts for tomorrow. ...welcome to my life. ☺

So tell you own/ like graphic sweaters?

December 22, 2014

Accents of Fur

I know I have not been faithful to post my outfit the last few days again...but today (on my first day of school break) I am back! 

Today I am doing the Challenge "Accents of fur (or leather)". This was not easy for me since I have nothing with fur or leather. I unbuttoned this fur off of my coat....yep. Turned out pretty cool, didn't it? I did feel a little to much like Mrs. Clause....but it definitly was Christmasy! 

Do you wear fur or leather?

PS: And while I was slacking here I have been posting on my personal blog "The Blue Birdhouse"....check it out!

December 18, 2014

A Little Bit of Sparkle

Yesterday's challenge was "Sparkles". Even though I LOVE sparkles and glitter I don't really own anything sparkly....I am keeping my eye open for a gold sparkle top.

I didn't get to wear this fun outfit for long though. In the morning I had to wear black & white for our Christmas program at the retirement home and then before heading to church I slipped with my fork and had food all over my clothes....ahem.

But I think this is a fun Christamssy outfit too.

What do you think?

December 16, 2014

Lots of Layering Love

Layering....I do it every day....summer & winter. I love the feel and the look of layers. Well first of all in Germany the weather can change pretty drastically and it's better to become prepared but I also love layering different colors and making them go together. 

Since just about every outfit on this blog is layered I decided to do a Christmas combination. Red and green is VERY christmasy and I don't think would be fitting any other time of the year. Red & green are my favorite Christmas colors....and gold of course.  The gold necklace made this rather comfy/casual outfit a little more dressy.....and my basic color is brown. So I wore my simple brown skirt.

So what is your favorite Christmas color(s)?

December 15, 2014

Winterized Maxi

Today I wore Saturdays challenge of the "Winterized Maxi"....

I decided to wear my maxi skirt as a's definitely long enough! ☺ Today was surprisingly warm out but I did wear a turquoise long sleeve shirt underneath and a matching blue sweater. In order for me not to look like a tent I wore a belt.

I totally love my one and only maxi.....and so want more! When I get more I am wanting to get various solid colors though so I can wear them with many things!

Shades of Red & Gold

Sundays challenge actually read "Shades of Red and Silver" but silver is not my metal....and I only own gold things. So I just changed it to red & gold. ☺ 

I love wearing dresses for church and in order to create that look I wore a matching red shirt and a white sweater one, against the cold and two to hide the two piece look. I really like how this christmasy outfit turned out.

Tell me: what metal do you look better in?

December 13, 2014

I ♥ My Blanket Scarf

I love my blanket scarf! I got it after Christmas with my gift card last year at SIX. I wear it every day as my "outside" scarf. I normally don't wear it as an accessory scarf... first, it's pretty big and long and secondly because I'm just not a big "scarf-wearer". I love it though. It's also really nice because on those days when its just a little chilly out and I am a bit cold I like wrap this scarf around me..... If you don't have need to get one! They are so pretty and useful!

Do you like blanket scarfs?

December 11, 2014

Boots for Walking & Tights Everything Nice

I've been slack on posting.....but I've still kept up with the challenge.Life happened and I did not get pictures of my outfits....or it was so late and the lighting was bad so I didn't get a decent picture.

Boots for Walking: I wear these boots every. single. day. I will probably wear them all winter long.... and most likely need new ones next! I do not remember at which store I got them....but it was during my visit in the US this summer. ☺ I am so glad I got them.

Tights Everything Nice: My favorite color tights is white... Many of my clothes match with white so I wear my white sweater a lot....and then of course my white tights. Brown is my close next.

So tell me: Do you like boots? What color are your favorite tights?

December 09, 2014

Merry Mixing Patterns

I play very safe when it comes to pattern mixing. Stripes with a floral or in this case butterfly pattern.

The thing is, I grew up around a group of people that just threw on whatever they pulled out that morning: blue floral with multicolored printed shirt and a yellow/orange to contrast that I've always done perfect matching.... though I am trying to go bolder in my style now....but not to much. lol 
 Some of my firstgraders complimented my outfit today....who can resist happy colors? ☺

December 08, 2014

Gingerbread Neutrals

Gingerbread men are definitly darker but I didn't really have anything other than this a dark I just stuck to neutrals. It's a pretty basic outfit that normally would need some POP of color....which I kinda sneacked in with the necklace. 

Hehehehe....and ignore my ribbon on my skirt being's been a long day and I saw it to late.

Which color would you add to this rather boring/monocrome outfit?

December 07, 2014

White as Snow

Today's challenge read: White as snow.... I could have worn all white but decided that was a little much. :D So I gave this snowy outfit some (blue) frost.

I wish we had snow today... because then the outfit would look so much more amazing!

Do you have snow where you are?

December 06, 2014

Gold & Green

Today I was very undecisive....I really don't have buch green or gold....or atleast how I wanted to wear the 2 colors. The second outfit was actually what I first put together....but it wasn't to practical for a I changed and did my laudry....and then I saw the green polka-dot shirt. It has gold buttons! How perfect is that.
Actually the buttons are in the back but with a sweater you wouldn't see them so....hehehehe.
So which outfit do you like better?

December 05, 2014

Gingham Style

Today's challenge read: "Gingham Style" and I was excited! I love I went to my closet to look for what I could wear....can you believe than every gingham clothing I own is still at my mom's!? Yep!

Thankfully I am married....and so I started looking through Patrick's shirts....I totally love how it turned out! With the tighter green sweater you couldn't see that the shirt is way to big. I just might be stealing his shirt again in the future....

Have you ever included your dad's/husbands clothes into your fashion? :D

December 04, 2014

Deck Your Neck

Sorry for the bad picture quality but in order to keep up with the challenge here on the blog it must be simple phone pictures.....

So today the challenge is "Deck Your Neck" so I decided to wear a scarf AND jewelry. Due too the shirt being a bit baggy it felt a little frumpy but the colors are a nice combination: hot pink & navy! I don't know what I think of wearing a scarf and necklace together....maybe a more simple necklace would have been better. What are your thoughts?

Would/ Do you wear both together sometimes?

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