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December 28, 2014

Plaid After Christmas

It was finally nice to just wear something and not try to match Christmas colors... And yet plaid is christmassy. I wanted a comfortable outfit that I didn't mind wearing all day.

I've worn this skirt on the blog before... It is a very comfortable skirt I like to wear during the cold months here. Because it is really cold now... We are below freezing and have snow. Can I say finally? Soon enough I will be wanting warmer weather again. 

I made a video of my makeup routine that I hopefully will share sometime this week... So stay on the lookout! 

Do you have a Sunday outfit that you always go to.... Something comfortable?


  1. I love plaid! My fall-back church outfit is probably one of my dresses- its quite easy to wear one and not worry about matching shirts and skirts.

  2. Pretty outfit... cheery and fun. :)


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