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December 15, 2014

Winterized Maxi

Today I wore Saturdays challenge of the "Winterized Maxi"....

I decided to wear my maxi skirt as a's definitely long enough! ☺ Today was surprisingly warm out but I did wear a turquoise long sleeve shirt underneath and a matching blue sweater. In order for me not to look like a tent I wore a belt.

I totally love my one and only maxi.....and so want more! When I get more I am wanting to get various solid colors though so I can wear them with many things!


  1. This is really neat! You pulled it off like a gorgeous summer dress! I'm going to have to try this with one of my maxi skirts now.

  2. I love how versatile maxi dresses are. I've done this before, but also wearing a maxi dress as a skirt! I'm tall (5"8) so it works nicely for those dresses that aren't long enough.
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    1. I'm prettty short...not quite 5" many maxis are just waaaay to long. lol

  3. Cute outfit! I just love maxis! I'm actually only 4'11, and most maxis were super long on me. However I happened to find one that fits perfectly! It's so comfy!!

  4. Your maxi dress is so cute! Good job winterizing it.


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