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December 23, 2014

Christmas Graphic Tee

The challenge actually read "Graphic Sweater" but I don't own I wore this T-shirt I got myself in Florida 4 years ago. I am not a huge fan of graphic sweaters...there are some cute ones but I don't have to own one.

Excuse the stains on the T-shirt. Today was one of those "busy around the house" kind of days.... cleaning up... washing, folding & putting away clothes... scrubbing the bathroom... making Christmas pillows... printing our Christmas breakfast lunch & dinner....and wrapping the last gifts for tomorrow. ...welcome to my life. ☺

So tell you own/ like graphic sweaters?


  1. I own a lot of graphic tees. I don't have a graphic sweater currently. Some of them are cute though. I like the graphic tee you are wearing- sounds like you had a busy day!

  2. You sound so busy! Like your shirt. :) Merry Christmas!

  3. I did a post recently on my Christmas jumper but it is not really that graphic.

    I would never have noticed the stains if you hadn't pointed them out!

    I hope that everything is now done and you can relax and enjoy yourself.



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