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April 22, 2013

Pops of Summer Color

 Last week was summer weather here in Germany....with the sun so bright outside my Grandma, Patrick and I decided to go on a longer walk and enjoy the sun rays.....this is what I was wearing:

Who is excited about summer coming? I know for some of my readers winter is coming....

April 15, 2013

Peach Flowers- My Sunday Outfit

 Today I thought I would share my outfit I wore yesterday for church- Peachy Flowers

My Pastor preached a really good sermon on Christ's command "Remember Lots Wife." (Luke 17: 32) on Sunday morning. The time of Sodom and Gomorrah was much like today we can understand Lot's wife's raising and know what societies "norm" was back then. The most wicked things are normal and are spoken of as "everyone does it".
We learned:
1. She was your typical worldly women: her values were low...if any. Her heart was fixed on worldly things....things of this world.
2. She had a bad marriage: Lot never stuck up for what he believed and no one took him serious. If he had the truth and really believed what he said...why didn't he stick to his values??
3. She had a horrible loss: So maybe she had the britches on in her home but if she really wanted to know God she could have asked Lot about him....or even gone to visit her husbands Uncle Abraham to learn of the truth...strong women can fight for right or for wrong
"If you don't tell others about Christ & don't live for him your life will end tragically"

"Get a DIVORCE...from the world's opinion" 
Sunday night we talked about Proverbs 12: 4
"A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is rotteness to his bones."
A good woman makes her husband look better than average
You are the are exalted too
Our face and being will show our spirit....what kind of spirit are you showing?

How was your Sunday? What did your Pastor preach on?

April 08, 2013

Turquoise / Brown Plaid Skirt

This Sunday I pretty much wore this outfit....these pictures I did a few weeks ago....I thought I had posted it and then saw I never did. The turquoise shirt was a turquoise blouse....I wore it tucked in with a reddish brown belt. The weather has warmed up so the brown tights were placed by some my hair I wore a white flower that made my pearl necklace pop.

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Would you wear something like this? 

April 01, 2013

My Vintage Floral Dress

Friends of mine found this beautiful dress at the recycling center and thought of was a bit to big but after taking the sleeves off, sewing it smaller and the sleeves back on it looks like it's been sewn just for me! When I saw the dress I knew it would be the perfect Easter dress. The floral pattern & colors are so beautiful.

This Easter I played "Abba Father" in a string quartet with my good friends. We all were nervous and shaking but people enjoyed it. The sermon was really good as well. Of course it had the gospel but also was provocative for us older Christians. Pastor preached on the proof of the resurrection....on point being the power of the resurrection in salvation. With the power of the resurrection we become new creatures...we can go through hard times with a smile...

We did not have many new guests but many return visitors. During the dinner on the grounds it was nice to get to know a few people a little more. Once everything was cleaned up Patrick, Brother B. and I pulled out our instruments and started playing some "bluegrassy" songs. People joined us singing and just having fun.

How was your Easter Sunday?

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