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September 30, 2013

Lacey Blue & Tan

My most favorite outfits are inspired by whim....I totally love this outfit and cannot wait for time to pass so I can wear it again...☺ I know it will become a favorite this winter!

I am wearing my favorite lace cami from walmart. The ruffely Tee has soft tan & white stripes. To make it a bit warmer I wore the tan sweater and made it less baggy by adding one of my new white belts.

Since the colors from the top is so neutral I wore a brighter blue colored skirt but just might wear it will all kinds of different solid colored skirts.

What color would you wear it with?

And I am really loving my new white fleece jacket!

Happy Moday everyone!

September 27, 2013

Feminine & Cold?

Never knew there was a contradiction did you.....well, there really isn't. ☺

Just a little tip. Wrapping a long scarf around your head really gives your "cold look" a feminine flair.

What's your favorite way to stay warm?

PS: Now it's warm here no scarf around my head....but colder weather IS slowly coming.

September 24, 2013

Nail Art // Mixing Colors -Peach

For one Sunday my pops of color was peach. Sadly, I didn't have any peach nail polish.....but I did have yellow and pink.

So I took some yellow polish and put a drop on a paper. Then I took my pink polish brush, got a bit of yellow and brushed it on my nails.

Not only was it a nice peachy color but it also had a cool duo tone!

What are 2 colors you can see yourself mixing?

September 20, 2013

Dreary Weather Outfit

Rain, Rain, Rain......that is all we've been having lately. Things are cooling down, sweaters and socks are getting pulled out of the closet and summer skirts are only in the way.....
It's that time of the year again....

When I was taking these pictures up in the vineyards on the little road up there suddenly a police car drove by......they gave me a suspicious look......AWKWARD!

September 14, 2013

Speaking of Belts....

Before I went to the exchange store I prayed to find some belts (after my last post I knew I needed more ☺) and a white sweater. I got both and some more. :)

The sweater is more like a fashionable comfy sweater/ coming soon....and I got these 7 belts (number of completion ☺)

In the next outfit posts you'll see me wearing two of these them!

What color is the belt you wear the most?

September 07, 2013

How to Wear a Belt

I've really been enjoying to add belts to my outfits....It really can give a simple outfit some class or give a waist in a more frumpy shirt. Bellow I've put together some ideas on how you can add a belt to your modest outfits: 

1. Tuck in a simple Tee, add a belt and you have a classy look.
Love this look. Not crazy about the horses.
2. Add a belt under a larger Sweater to give the waist more definition.....big belts are great for that!
Wide leather belt, solid shirt, patterned skirt, solid cardigan.  Love these colors together.
3. Add a belt....just for style!

Skirt made from round tablecloth, I knew that someone would think of this! <3

4. Add a belt over a long shirt
Matilda Jane Clothing
5. Add a belt over a cardigan to make a bigger sweater less frumpy.
Cute Look
6. You can even wear a belt over a light jacket....make it a part of your outfit.

7. Wear a belt over a simple dress. Either you can tie in a color you are wearing else wear, add a pop or just break up the boring simple color.
V8701 Raglan sleeves, princess seams, great length and gorgeous color. nicely fitted.
8. Add a belt to....match your shoes. A great idea for winter and you like to match perfectly.....I'm the only one? Oh....

Everyday A-Line Skirt - Oh, I love this outfit! I think with the high boots this looks quite modest. :)

Do you have any other ideas on how and why to wear belts.....other than to keep your skirt from falling? ;)

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