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September 27, 2013

Feminine & Cold?

Never knew there was a contradiction did you.....well, there really isn't. ☺

Just a little tip. Wrapping a long scarf around your head really gives your "cold look" a feminine flair.

What's your favorite way to stay warm?

PS: Now it's warm here no scarf around my head....but colder weather IS slowly coming.


  1. I am definitely with you on the scarf wrapping. I have never been a hat fan, but I do love scarves and so I often wrap them around my head in the winter. It definitely helps avoid hat hair too (which I probably shouldn't worry too much about since I never put anything even remotely resembling effort into doing my hair).

    1. You are right about hat hair! I HATE hat I think I'll be using more scarves this winter.


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