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September 14, 2013

Speaking of Belts....

Before I went to the exchange store I prayed to find some belts (after my last post I knew I needed more ☺) and a white sweater. I got both and some more. :)

The sweater is more like a fashionable comfy sweater/ coming soon....and I got these 7 belts (number of completion ☺)

In the next outfit posts you'll see me wearing two of these them!

What color is the belt you wear the most?


  1. Hi iris!!!! I saw u on Modern modesty group. Love your blog! I'm following it. Mine is

    1. Thank you....heading that way now.

  2. I own the belt on the far left. I bought it in the 80's and still wear it. The problem I sometimes have with wearing belts is too much material ends up gathered around my middle, so I end up going without.

    1. That is cool! Yeah...I know what you mean. If it gets to bunchy it's uncomfortable and looks weird.


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