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January 21, 2014

New Jewelry

I got a gift card to Bijou Brigitte for Christmas. As you know, sales are going on everywhere and I really wanted to get things during the's a lot more fun to get 3 necklaces  for the same money you could only pay 1,5 necklaces!

So last week I went and found the 2 necklaces on the left for half off!! The circle necklace on the right I paid full price for but I had seen it awhile back and really loved how simple & yet fun it was....and $12 is not to bad.☺

The pearl necklace I got for less than half off from SIX a few days after Christmas. I had seen a wonderful scarf (want to share it on the blog soon) and finally used my birthday (June) gift cards. Anyway, SIX is very trendy and I don't always see things I like but I fell inlove with this 3 string pearl necklace! A 96 year old lady I was taking care of over the Holidays had just given me 5€ and since she LOVES fashion I decided to get myself the necklace with "her" money. ☺ She loved it!

Did you get some awesome finds during the sales?

January 15, 2014

Peaking Pink

I wore this outfit last Sunday. The necklace is new. I bought it with my gift certificate I got for Christmas and I only had to pay half price because it was in the sale section. Whoohoo! Love bargains!

I pretty much chose my outfit to match my necklace. Do you do that too? ☺

Pink, Turquoise & White
Pastels are pretty any time of the year. Agree?

January 10, 2014

Simple Green & Blue

This outfit is from a few weeks ago but would still work for warmer winter days or days spent inside. Sweaters are super cozy ....are the not?
This is a first time I am wearing a scarf & necklace together. Do you think it works?

January 07, 2014

Gold Jacket

That is what I keep hearing from my US friends.
Here we have some cold winds but still not freezing....and still no snow.

This gold-knit coat is new to be.....and I really like it. Gold is my color and I love how feminine it looks. This picture was taken a few weeks before Christmas & I was freezing. It definitly not the warmest coat but for lookin' good on Sunday it is just perfect. ☺

What color is your favorite coat?

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