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October 26, 2014

Fall in Plaid

This is what I wore for church today.... the plaid skirt is super comfortable and perfect for fall.....I've worn it twice on the blog before but can only find this one here

Today I combined it with a blue cami and a brown knit shirt. Even though it was a warmer day today it is getting a but windy and the blue sweater brings it all together.

I like wearing belts over my shirt if I am wearing a sweater to accent the waist......and my red bubble necklace....a favorite.

Sweater- hand-me-down sewn smaller
Shirt- exchange store
Cami- Walmart $2.99
Skirt- gift
Belt- walmart $2
Necklace- Walmart $5

October 19, 2014

Instagram // Blue Tights

This is the Sunday outfit I wore to church today... Except that I wore blue heels instead of these flats.
The blue tights were a little out of my comfort zone... but I did not have A new Sunday outfit at my new apartment... So I had to make do with the clothes I had there already. I did not want to wear the same outfit again.... Now that it is starting to get chilly...this is what came together.
What do you think? Blue tights ok? Love, Iris

October 07, 2014

Frilly 50's

Hi Friends,

Love this outfit! It is so fun & happy.....don't know of a better way to explain it. This blue polkadot dress was bought for my engagement pictures....but was a GREAT investment. I just love navy polkadots and you can wear it with so many solid colors: red, turquoise, peach, yellow...the list goes on.

Last Sunday I paired it with my ruffled turquoise sweater to make it a little warmer. The polka dot & turquoise flower pulled everything together making it matchy matchy. The necklace I traded on a German online sale and actually has floral material weaved in it.

The weather has been nice and warm this past week......but you can see it....fall is here!

October 05, 2014

Feminine & Modest Wedding Dress

Hi Ladies,

I can't believe it's been 3+ months since I posted on Feminine Modesty! It's been a crazy summer: moving Patrick's family, wedding preparation, site seeing in Germany with US. friends...getting married, honeymoon, moving, teaching.... I am still busy & we don't even have internet yet....but then I hope to be posting more regular again!

To the wedding dress:
I found the dress online....about 4 years ago actually. I sadly cannot find the website anymore but they had lots of different styles and prices. I loved how my dress was modest & didn't need to be changed. I just needed to have it sized a little smaller to fit perfectly.

Visit The Blue Birdhouse to see more pictures.

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