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October 19, 2014

Instagram // Blue Tights

This is the Sunday outfit I wore to church today... Except that I wore blue heels instead of these flats.
The blue tights were a little out of my comfort zone... but I did not have A new Sunday outfit at my new apartment... So I had to make do with the clothes I had there already. I did not want to wear the same outfit again.... Now that it is starting to get chilly...this is what came together.
What do you think? Blue tights ok? Love, Iris


  1. Lovely outfit as usual!

    It is quite mild in the UK at the moment but we must expect some chilly weather soon.

    I don't have any blue tights but have some thicker ones in greys and beige colours for wearing in colder weather. Not had to get them out the drawer yet though.

  2. I think the blue tights look awesome!
    A modest fashion blog:

  3. Adorable dress Iris! I'd say the blue tights give the outfit a bit of a different feel; I personally would probably pair it with a white leg instead, to bring out the vintage goodness of the dress. :)

  4. Love the tights! I recently bought some purple and mustard tights and have been experimenting with them :)

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