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April 26, 2014

Summer Stripes in Spring Weather

How to tie a belt

This outfit is from last week....totally forgot about it! I am wearing the same shirt today though....only with a a beach skirt I made from a pair of pants yesterday.....tutorials coming. I promise. This summer I want to finally share all my different tutorials of my refashions!

Well today is the last day of Easter break and I need to work on my last lesson plans for next week. Can't believe I am almost done with college and will be graduating in exactly 2 weeks! :D


Shirt- gifted
skirt- hand me down
Jacket- exchange store
Belt- exchange store
Sunglasses- refashioned by me

April 24, 2014

Easter Outfit 2014

Paxton is not impressed

Hello Ladies,

My Easter this year was definitely different than normally. Since our church moved and our building is still under construction we did not have a guest Sunday and a dinner on the ground like we usually do. WE did have another special opportunity. A boys home invited us to come and bring our Easter gifts in person. So some of us young adults went on a 45 minute drive. There we sang to fun songs that had the gospel, handed them their gifts and had some coffee & cake with them.

After we came home my family grilled with friends of ours. We had a wonderful time with lots of laughing and good food. ☺

I did not have any time to get an outfit picture on Easter but today.....after finishing my last college class [Woohoo!!!!]....I wore it again, did my makeup, curled my hair and walked Paxton in this beautiful weather. (I did feel a little too dressy for a Thursday. ☺).

I am also slowly being more "adventurous" and taking pictures on Manual do you like todays pictures?

Tell me: How was your Resurrection Sunday? What did you wear?

April 16, 2014

Polka Dotting Through Nature

Yes! A second post this week! ☺

I actually thought I already posted this Sunday outfit last week when I saw that it was still in my draft folder.
Like the outfit earlier this week I found the skirt in the exchange store and needed to it a little bit smaller.

Can I say I LOVE polka dots? So when I saw this navy circle skirt it got stuffed into my bag to take with right away! Saturday night I found a fitted white blouse and matched it with my favorite red cardigan. The red belt & polka dot flower in my hair gave the outfit a more put-together and dressy feel. To church I wore my outfit with my blue high-heels but since I don't walk my dog with high heels I wore these cute blue flats I got 2 years ago. ☺

Do you have a favorite cardigan you find yourself wearing ALL THE TIME? What do you like about it?

April 14, 2014

Purple Pleats & Turquoise Top

Hi Girls,

Easter Break!!Woohoo! Two weeks sleeping just a wee bit longer and a break off teaching.....but 2 weeks of finishing up my last college class. Pray I finish this last class with a solid A. I want to keep my GPA.... 3.59. ☺

A little while back I went to the exchange store and founded this purple pleated skirt and just knew it was for me. The problem was like 10 sizes to big!! But with a little pinning and sewing it turned into a size 6 skirt! ☺

I was looking for a purple top I could wear with the new skirt but didn't have anything and then I saw my turquoise blouse and new it would be perfect. Out I pulled my frilly turquoise cardigan and my turquoise belt. It was a bit too cold for my white wedge shoes so out came these brown closed toe shoes.

After I put my outfit together I thought it had the perfect colors for Easter!! Oh well.....I am wearing a lace pink dress for Easter.

Have you already planned your Easter outfit? Which colors does it have?

April 01, 2014

Country's Gingham

Hello Ladies,

The weather here has been gorgeous lately! In the morning it's still a bit chilly and in the afternoon it's borderline "hot". So every day I put together an outfit with layers....lots of layers.

This is another outfit that "just came together". I wanted to wear my new gingham blouse....pulled out my blue skirt.....I knew I needed a belt....and crossed my fingers & hoped my red cardigan would match the red in the blouse. I decided a pearl necklace would go best to this slightly vintage look and my new blue hat just pulled it all together.

I am in my 7th week of student teaching....another week of teaching every subject. ☺ The kids and I are slowly settling into a routine together. Tomorrow we are talking about hygiene in science....anybody have any tips on how to teach it? ☺

Well, my piano student is coming soon & I have some classes to prepare.

I am so glad I had time to snap some pictures & share it with you guys.


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