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April 24, 2014

Easter Outfit 2014

Paxton is not impressed

Hello Ladies,

My Easter this year was definitely different than normally. Since our church moved and our building is still under construction we did not have a guest Sunday and a dinner on the ground like we usually do. WE did have another special opportunity. A boys home invited us to come and bring our Easter gifts in person. So some of us young adults went on a 45 minute drive. There we sang to fun songs that had the gospel, handed them their gifts and had some coffee & cake with them.

After we came home my family grilled with friends of ours. We had a wonderful time with lots of laughing and good food. ☺

I did not have any time to get an outfit picture on Easter but today.....after finishing my last college class [Woohoo!!!!]....I wore it again, did my makeup, curled my hair and walked Paxton in this beautiful weather. (I did feel a little too dressy for a Thursday. ☺).

I am also slowly being more "adventurous" and taking pictures on Manual do you like todays pictures?

Tell me: How was your Resurrection Sunday? What did you wear?


  1. Hi Iris

    I wore a flowery dress to Church with cream cardigan and cream shoes. We had a lovely service.

    Your outfit is really beautiful.

    You must be relieved to have finished your college course - is the pressure off now for a while?


    1. Still need finish my student teaching next week and I am totally done. Today I was lazy though there is so much I need/want to do before my trip to the US. ☺

  2. What a beautiful Easter outfit! I love the pastel color scheme!


  3. Lovely pictures. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! :D

  4. You did a great job with the photos! I just have my younger sister take my photos! Alas, I forgot to take photos of my Easter outfit! Oh well!
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