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April 14, 2014

Purple Pleats & Turquoise Top

Hi Girls,

Easter Break!!Woohoo! Two weeks sleeping just a wee bit longer and a break off teaching.....but 2 weeks of finishing up my last college class. Pray I finish this last class with a solid A. I want to keep my GPA.... 3.59. ☺

A little while back I went to the exchange store and founded this purple pleated skirt and just knew it was for me. The problem was like 10 sizes to big!! But with a little pinning and sewing it turned into a size 6 skirt! ☺

I was looking for a purple top I could wear with the new skirt but didn't have anything and then I saw my turquoise blouse and new it would be perfect. Out I pulled my frilly turquoise cardigan and my turquoise belt. It was a bit too cold for my white wedge shoes so out came these brown closed toe shoes.

After I put my outfit together I thought it had the perfect colors for Easter!! Oh well.....I am wearing a lace pink dress for Easter.

Have you already planned your Easter outfit? Which colors does it have?


  1. I love your skirt - the blue goes so well with the turquoise top.

    Enjoy your break from teaching and I do so hope that you get your solid A. I am sure you will!

    I have not planned my Easter outfit yet. It depends on the weather. It is warm and sunny here in the UK at the moment.



    1. Yes, I hope it stays warm and sunny for Easter here too!

  2. I love love your outfit!!!!! You are very pretty. =)
    My very kind grandma took my siblings and I Easter clothes shopping last Saturday while my dad took my mom to the hospital (she's fine, don't worry!) and she got me the loveliest dress/shirt that I'm going to wear with white leggings and black boots. I'll probably post it on Easter!! You can see it on my blog!
    Happy Easter!

    1. Thank you for the compliments....and I can't wait to see your Easter outfit. ☺



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