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June 30, 2015

Independance Day Inspiration // C Fam Sisters

I've been enjoying the fashion inspiration these sisters have been sharing. I do not know them or their music but they have a great modest but fashionable style. When I saw their Independace Day outfits I knew I had to share their blog with you! From the 4 sister's outfits the one above is what I could see myself wearing!

What do you think?


June 29, 2015

Pink 'n Green

Ignore the tired looking smile. I actually had a great day at's been a very long weekend with date night, two birthdays and outing with my mom. Looking forward to next weekend....oh, there is 4th of July & another birthday. I guess I'll have to wait for summer break in 3 weeks. ☺

So this morning I wanted something dressy....I just felt like a was wearing a lot casual outfits due to the warm weather....and this outfit came together. I really liked it and that is why I finally made time to take a picture of my outfit. Yeah, and then changed into something more comfy once I came home into my hot attic apartment. 

I totally love how the belt is the item pulling the outfit colors together. 

What do you think?

June 22, 2015

Jamberry Giveaway!

This is my birthday month and I am celebrating on my personal blog! Join the Giveaway! .....Only 7 days!

So hurry on over!

June 11, 2015

Pastel Stones

Got my pictures doneat the church building this time. I was looking at a challenge to get an idea what to wear and it was "solids" and this what I put together. The necklace I got a little while back for only around $5.....hard to find here in Germany. And the purse you see above one of my favorites. 

Did you write your questions for the Q&A video yet?

June 10, 2015

Orange Gingham

I wore this outfit on my first day back in school after two weeks of late spring break.The day before was extremly hot so I chose this summery outfit. It was classy but comfy/casual. Well, actually Monday turned out to be rather cold but in the future hot school days....this will become a staple outfit.

The skirt I got at the thrift shop last week as well. I loved this orange color and the vintage-classy feel it has.

Orange is one of those you wear it?

Don't forget to ask your questions for the video!

June 09, 2015


I wore this dress on Sunday and love it. I bought it from a thrift shop last week. I am always looking for dresses and was SUPER happy when I came across this one. It was a little too short for my liking....but this was easily fixed with a slip. 

When I was thinking of a name for the post I thought of "Summer field". 

What would you call this dress?

And by the way...I want to collect some QUESTIONS for my Q&A video I am planning on doing.

June 04, 2015

Butterflies & Ladybugs

So before I go to the zoo today with my family I want to post yesterday's outfit. I love the classiest of this pencil skirt....and the happy yellow color! The day before yesterday I went to a thrift shop with my mom and found some great items including this scarf.

What do you think of the scarf? The bright colors....and it has butterflies and ladybugs on it....the only 2 bugs I can stand. :)

June 01, 2015


Sorry for the blurry photos.....but I thought I needed to finally share an outfit on here again! I wore this for church yesterday. I have not worn this purple skirt since last year and while looking around on what to wear with just came together.

And for some of you that don't follow my personal blog....go check out my Honemoon series. You can also see the different outfits I wore each day. ☺

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