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September 07, 2013

How to Wear a Belt

I've really been enjoying to add belts to my outfits....It really can give a simple outfit some class or give a waist in a more frumpy shirt. Bellow I've put together some ideas on how you can add a belt to your modest outfits: 

1. Tuck in a simple Tee, add a belt and you have a classy look.
Love this look. Not crazy about the horses.
2. Add a belt under a larger Sweater to give the waist more definition.....big belts are great for that!
Wide leather belt, solid shirt, patterned skirt, solid cardigan.  Love these colors together.
3. Add a belt....just for style!

Skirt made from round tablecloth, I knew that someone would think of this! <3

4. Add a belt over a long shirt
Matilda Jane Clothing
5. Add a belt over a cardigan to make a bigger sweater less frumpy.
Cute Look
6. You can even wear a belt over a light jacket....make it a part of your outfit.

7. Wear a belt over a simple dress. Either you can tie in a color you are wearing else wear, add a pop or just break up the boring simple color.
V8701 Raglan sleeves, princess seams, great length and gorgeous color. nicely fitted.
8. Add a belt to....match your shoes. A great idea for winter and you like to match perfectly.....I'm the only one? Oh....

Everyday A-Line Skirt - Oh, I love this outfit! I think with the high boots this looks quite modest. :)

Do you have any other ideas on how and why to wear belts.....other than to keep your skirt from falling? ;)


  1. I always shy away from belts, but some of these ideas are really cute! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Have fun and be creative....belts are somewhat new to me too....and these 8 ideas were bit of a study and inspiration on some new ways to wear a belt.

      Just got a few more at the exchange store yesterday and wearing one right now. ☺


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