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April 01, 2013

My Vintage Floral Dress

Friends of mine found this beautiful dress at the recycling center and thought of was a bit to big but after taking the sleeves off, sewing it smaller and the sleeves back on it looks like it's been sewn just for me! When I saw the dress I knew it would be the perfect Easter dress. The floral pattern & colors are so beautiful.

This Easter I played "Abba Father" in a string quartet with my good friends. We all were nervous and shaking but people enjoyed it. The sermon was really good as well. Of course it had the gospel but also was provocative for us older Christians. Pastor preached on the proof of the resurrection....on point being the power of the resurrection in salvation. With the power of the resurrection we become new creatures...we can go through hard times with a smile...

We did not have many new guests but many return visitors. During the dinner on the grounds it was nice to get to know a few people a little more. Once everything was cleaned up Patrick, Brother B. and I pulled out our instruments and started playing some "bluegrassy" songs. People joined us singing and just having fun.

How was your Easter Sunday?

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