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December 16, 2014

Lots of Layering Love

Layering....I do it every day....summer & winter. I love the feel and the look of layers. Well first of all in Germany the weather can change pretty drastically and it's better to become prepared but I also love layering different colors and making them go together. 

Since just about every outfit on this blog is layered I decided to do a Christmas combination. Red and green is VERY christmasy and I don't think would be fitting any other time of the year. Red & green are my favorite Christmas colors....and gold of course.  The gold necklace made this rather comfy/casual outfit a little more dressy.....and my basic color is brown. So I wore my simple brown skirt.

So what is your favorite Christmas color(s)?


  1. The colours of your outfit are spot on for this time of the year - I love it!

    The weather changes from day to day here in the UK as well - it is mild and wet at the moment. No snow forecast for Christmas sadly!

    1. Does not look like snow here either....we have a lot of rain. :( Just a little colder and it would all be snow!

  2. I layer all the time too! I love how you layered this look. So Christmassy....:)


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