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December 11, 2014

Boots for Walking & Tights Everything Nice

I've been slack on posting.....but I've still kept up with the challenge.Life happened and I did not get pictures of my outfits....or it was so late and the lighting was bad so I didn't get a decent picture.

Boots for Walking: I wear these boots every. single. day. I will probably wear them all winter long.... and most likely need new ones next! I do not remember at which store I got them....but it was during my visit in the US this summer. ☺ I am so glad I got them.

Tights Everything Nice: My favorite color tights is white... Many of my clothes match with white so I wear my white sweater a lot....and then of course my white tights. Brown is my close next.

So tell me: Do you like boots? What color are your favorite tights?


  1. I wear boots regularly in winter when I wear skirts as well.

    I have several different colours of tights and quite like white - they go well with many different outfits

  2. I love wearing boots. A) they look good with modest skirts, B) they keep your legs warm, and C) you can wear tights/leggings and socks instead of pantyhose. That last one's a big win for several reasons! I just hope they stay in style for a loooooooooooooong time!

    1. I TOALLY agree with your 3 points! The last one is the reason I wear my boots all the time, too! :P

  3. Love boots! They're a staple in a Montana girl's wardrobe.
    My favorite tights are black with fleece lining. Can't live without 'Em!
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