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May 30, 2014

What I Wore // Graduation

I really didn't take pictures for the blog....but they still work! :)

I got this dress at eshakti last December. They have a 30% off sale going on AND I got $30 off from the Fresh Modesty I payed $8 for this dress!!! Whoohooo! That is a steal for sure!

I finally got the dress when my dad and step-mom came to FL and I decided to wear it for this special occasion- my graduation.

It fit wonderfully and really flatters me! Even a lady at walmart said it looked good! ☺

What is more beautiful than red and blue together.....well....I guess there are other beautiful color combos but I really love red and blue.

Do you have a color combo you keep wearing over and over again?


  1. What a beautiful dress, Iris! You look lovely. Congratulations on graduation. :)

  2. Wow - what a bargain!

    That dress really suits you. $8 is about £6 in UK currency which is about what I would pay in a charity shop here and you bought it new!

    I tend to end up wearing black and white combos - boring I know but it is what we wear in a corporate environment at work. At home I am tending to go for pastal shades more these days.

    Blue and red suits you though and I love your bracelet as well.

    Continue to enjoy your holiday.


  3. That dress looks beautiful on you!! I love the style! And congratulations on your graduation!

    decked out in ruffles

  4. Congratulations, Iris!! I can't wait to graduate...but I am just now a freshmen, Only four more years!! :O
    You look very pretty!!

  5. Such a lovely dress! Looks great on you

    Happy Medley


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