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November 05, 2013

Green Pinstriped with Peach

My family always is at church about at hour earlier. That way we can do last minute preparations. My mom walked to church with the dog and my grandma and I got a ride because there was a lot to carry. The problem was...when we got there...we stood in front of locked doors because my mom had the key (why does the last one always have the key?) 

So while my grandma and I were freezing and waiting...I took the opportunity to get some outfit pictures. Please excuse my crazy was really windy.

I LOVE LOVE this combo!!! Green pin-striped with peach. This outfit was a bit bolder that I usually wear but I really like it! I've mentioned before that I am super matchy....but this? How do like the green pinstriped dress with the peach top? 

I LOVE LOVE this combo!!! Green pin-striped with peach.
sleeveless with shirt underneath
peach with green
hair twist for short hair
modest assessorize

Funny: I was standing around waiting for us to start eating when I friend looked over at me and asked "Did you cuddle a salmon?" At first I was like "Huh??"....and then I saw the color I was wearing.....☺

How do you like the colors together? Would you wear it?


  1. I love your top! I must get a top in a similar color and yes it matches your dress perfectly

  2. That's a lovely skirt! I think it goes nicely together! Where did you get your necklace? It's super cute!
    I just found your blog through Fresh Modesty-I'm excited to follow you!
    I also have a modest fashion blog, I'd love if you stopped by!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. Thank you for following. My necklace I got at a store here in Germany called SIX..... I think you might have them in some places in the US.

  3. I think that the colors go well together! I understand about it being a little scary trying new color combos though. Also, your hairstyle is lovely!

  4. love the outfit! I really like the colors together.

    decked out in ruffles

  5. Pretty! Who took the pictures?

    1. Thank you! My grandma took these pictures for me under my guidance.

  6. The way you styled your hair is lovely!! I nearly always wear my hair loose, then the wind can be quite troublesome! You look good in those colors!

    1. Thank you Rachel. I normally wear my hair loose too but that Sunday my hair was being ridiculous so I up they went into a twist with a perfect matching flower!

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