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April 29, 2015

My New Finds

So on Monday I helped my grandma bring some things up to favorite exchange store. My grandma has been helping out an acquaintance go through his stuff and get rid of things he doesn't need...and we bring it to out favorite little store.

You might have heard me tell about it but if not... they have a policy that if you bring something you can fill up the bag you brought with other items from their store. Love!  That store is one of my greatest joys. I can be a crazy shopper without spending a penny!

If you are wondering about the card in the middle of my pile of clothes. I "Dress My Truth" and was also making sure the colors (tints) went with what looks best on me! And they did! ☺ And if you watch the video to see which Type you are...can you guess what I am?

Only like 2-3 of the skirts actually fit. Most of the are 1-5 sizes bigger! But with my love of refashioning and sewing I'll have a few more colored skirts in my wardrobe by next week hopefully! If the coloring is not great I have: checkered brown, shiny gold, light lime, yellow, winter white, short pink, polka dot and long pink.

And did I say I like polka dot. I live my polka dot jean much fun!And love the two favorite colors- blue and turquoise.

Cannot wait to share outfits with these colored skirts!


  1. Your Exchange Store gives even better value than the charity shops I spend so much time in here in the UK. You can't go wrong with your items especially with your sewing skills!

  2. Excellent finds! I'm definitely looking forward to the outfit posts to see how you resize and/or restyle the skirts. I'm about the check out that link right now too to see which colors look best on me! :)

  3. Iris, these are such cute and colorful finds! I look forward to seeing how you style and refashion them. :) Also, what a neat policy the store has!

  4. Such cute finds! I especially love that polka dot top!

    Vicki Grace


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