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April 28, 2015

Knitted Dress

This dress was gifted to last year.I really haven't worn it much because the dress is a little to short for me.....nothing that a cute lace slip can't fix.

I actually bought that lace just so I can sew it on a slip to extend some of my shorter skirts and dresses. Since the dress is knit it is very comfortable and easily is pulled over the knees while sitting making the dress more modest.

The days here have been very cool in the mornings and then gets very warm during the day. So I wore the short white sweater in the morning but had my lace T-shirt on for when it warmed up.

How long/short are you comfortable with?


  1. Love this look! Such a great dress and the lace slip at the bottom makes it even cuter. :) I love this color on you!

  2. It is such a good idea of yours to lengthen your dress with a lace slip. I have a few dresses that I am not comforrtable with because they are too short.

  3. Just found your blog, love your outfits!!! :)


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