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December 11, 2013

Christmas Plaid

This is what I wore Sunday for Church...a good Christmas outfit. Plaid is always wintery/Christmasy. 
I wore my plaid skirt with a blue shirt and a brown sweater. Brown is more of a fall color but if you can wear deep blue, bright green, white or black you will look very Christmasy.....☺

Do you like wearing plaid around the Christmas time?


  1. OH! I agree heartily! Plaid is perfect for Christmas! I love the way your skirt flows too! All of my plaid skirts are very thick!
    Is that real snow in your pictures? Or did you add that later? I'm always trying to get pictures with the snow falling in them, but it never seems to show up on my camera!
    A Modest Fashion Blog:

    1. Thank you. I added the snow in picmonkey....we haven't had any snow here yet. But I know what you mean. I tried it last year too and hardly saw the snow either. But I thought my Christmas outfits looked a bit boring so the added snow makes it more "romantic". ☺

  2. your skirt is very cute!! I love plaid skirts :)

  3. wow! you look absolutely beautiful! great skirt! (i'm a big fan of tartans!)

  4. I like the skirt in combination with the shirt! The red and blue look so nice together! I do not have any plaid skirts never had them!


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