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July 09, 2013

Modesty & Riding Bikes

So this past Saturday I was on a 34 km bike ride....and guess what....I was dressed modestly. I remember a few years ago I was planning a bike trip with a friend and she asked "You are going to wear pants to ride the bike, right? It's dangerous to ride a bike in a skirt" 

Nope, its not.....I learned to ride a bike wearing a blue floral jumper! On this trip I actually wore a very flowy pair of culottes I found at a thrift-store. (Here in Germany!!! Woohoo!)

What do you wear on a bike ride?


  1. Amen! My pastor's wife always said "If you can't do it modestly, it's not worth doing!" I've never found anything that I can't do while being modest, if I try hard enough!

    1. You are right....where there's a will there's a way!

  2. this is great! thank you for sharing and showing just how a girl can get around in a skirt. And beautifully, too, I might add!

  3. I'm not a bicycle rider by any means BUT - YES IT IS POSSIBLE!!! Here in this part of Virginia there are many non-Mennonite women in long, flowy dresses who routinely ride bicycles EVERYPLACE :) (Please fill your friend in, lol!) You did an impressive amount of riding - and - in a group - way to go :)


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