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July 03, 2013

How to give Your Sunglasses a Facelift

Lately, when summer first started, I saw all these cool looking colorful sunglasses....and really wanted one. But I already had two at home and really didn't want to spend $10+ more for a new pair....I am cheap. One of my sunglasses I found at a thrift store for a $1 and the other I was gifted and had only cost $5.
So what did I do? I took my least favorite pair of glasses, got out my new minty nail polish and started painting.


You like??

You can have any color you want!! Nail polish colors are the limit. ☺ And id you want you could take the color off and paint it new anytime you want!

Who is looking for a pair of glasses now to go do this?


  1. I love this! What a great idea. They look fab! Hope to see you at the fashion & faith link-up tomorrow! xoxo Linds

    1. Thank you! I am linking up today!

  2. What a cool idea!!!

  3. Love em'!!!!


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