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August 24, 2015

What I Wore in Paris // Day 1


I finally have time to share with you my outfits from our Anniversary trip to Paris! On the first day I wore this polka dot dress. 
It was perfect for the occasion....comfortable but dressy for the city of love.
I wasn't wearing any layers which made my first day in Paris a very cold one....not only was it windy but very rainy in the afternoon!

By the way....windy and a full circle skirt isn't a great combination. The wind was actually the least of my troubles but the air vents from the metro caused my to have a Marilyn Monroe moment.....Too late I saw the vent...tried to quickly walk around as I held down the front of my dress....the air blew out the side of the big vent and....up went my dress in the back exposing everything....hahahaha....I was SOOOO embarressed! The people that saw it laughed/smiled.....what else can you do!

Did something like that happen to you before!?

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