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January 08, 2015


Finally want to share it on here: I got my ears pierced! 

Yeah, some of you might be surprised since you see me wearing earings in some of my posts....but they were just really cool clip-ons. Getting my ears pierced was one of my husbands Christmas gifts to me. I am so looking forward to getting to wear different kinds of earings in a few weeks! 

 Do you have your ears pierced? Are earrings a big part of your outfit?


  1. I have my ears pierced and I love it. I usually wear simple studs to match what I am wearing. Earrings can be great accessories! Make sure to be careful with taking care of your ears/earrings so they don't get infected. Most importantly- have fun with earrings!

  2. I got my ears pierced for Christmas last year, but I still have my original studs in because I'm saving like crazy right now and not spending for fun on myself right now. I used to wear clip-ons too, but I'd leave them on for way too long, and I actually was damaging and scarring my earlobes. So I figured might as well pierce them, they're not going to be any more damaged than they are now. :) I love the way earrings bring attention to the face, and the way different earrings- like long dangles or hoops- can be used to flatter your face shape.

    1. Yes Agreed with how earring shape your face. I'm from USA. and I got my earrings at age 10 for my birthday. So before then I never really got to experience with clips on. But Earrings are just so fun!

  3. Cute! :) Let the fun begin. Hehe I am glad you could finally get them done! I know how long youve been wanting to get them done. Yay!

  4. That's awesome! Earrings are my number 1# accessory! I love them! Earrings can really pull an outfit together! So I'm happy that you got them! They are cute on you! :D Have fun! (BTW. You got a nice husband!)


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