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November 06, 2014

Instagram // Peach Stripes

I got this peach striped sweater on Monday....from my favorite place - the exchange store. ☺ It's 3/4 sleeve, normally not my favorite but I am liking the sweater now what to wear it with? My peach skirt; pants that I turned into a skirt.

And what better way to embrace the cold weather than my new brown boots.

How are you embracing the cold weather in your style?


  1. Love the sweater (peach is one of my favourite colours) and the boots look very snug for winter!

    It is still not that cold here in the UK - we had the warmest October on record. I expect I will have to get out my warmer woolies soon though.

    Best wishes


  2. I am so excited that the colder weather is here! Totally enjoying making warm outfits...this is beautiful! That color looks great on you!

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